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Founded in January 2010, Nanomakers designs, manufactures and markets high quality silicon carbide (SiC) and pure silicon or coated with carbon (Si/SiΩC) nanopowders. These nanopowders can increase decisively the mechanical, thermal and chemical performances of many materials used in different industrial sectors (semiconductor, energy storage, aeronautics, space and automotive).

The company is based in Paris area (Rambouillet), with a subsidiary in Japan. After the spin-off from CEA (2009), Nanomakers went on innovating by its own and applied for several patents. Nowadays, this innovation is mainly focused on the customer value and the (new) applications of its added value-evidenced nanopowders.

Nanomakers coordinates the HIPERCO project and optimizes and supplies SiC nanoparticles to produce the Al-nSiC nanocomposite powder.



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