Possible applications

HIPERCO project has been successful in the development of a nano-reinforced aluminum alloy composite powder which:

Presents a high stability

Has an important cohesivity

Is homogeneous

Possesses a controlled content of nano-SiC reinforcing agent

Can be produced at industrial scale


Different applications can be envisioned by benefiting from this innovative and outperforming nanocomposite.



HIPERCO partners have gained a strong experience from the Al-nSiC nanocomposite powder manufacturing. It is now possible to take advantage of these new knowledges to develop other types of Nano-Ceramic Metal Composites.


Precious metals alloys that are often reinforced with expensive or critical elements could benefit from nano-ceramic reinforcement in such a process. Their hardness and scratch resistance would be improved while lowering their density.

High-valued metal alloys mainly used in the aeronautic field could also benefit from a nano-ceramic reinforcement with an increase in their mechanical properties while keeping their low density.


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