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nSiC synthesis upgrading

In order to provide high-valued markets with large quantities of Al-nSiC nanocomposite powder, HIPERCO partners have worked on an upscaling manufacturing process. As first step, an improvement of the production yield of SiC nanoparticles have been achieved. Those SiC nanoparticles are made by the so-called laser pyrolysis process, they possess in that sense a narrow particle size distribution and a high purity grade.


An upgrading of the existing industrial-scaled SiC production site at Nanomakers place has been performed.


Today, SiC nanoparticles production capacity is over 20 tons per year. Adjustment can be made on nanoparticles sizes and coatings.


Al-nSiC industrial manufacturing

HIPERCO partners have identified and tested different industrial-scaled mixers in order to manufacture Al-nSiC nanocomposite powder with high volumes and at a competitive cost.


Shearing mixers which use an agitation media (blades, balls, ultrasonic etc…) to promote frictions between components to be mixed have been selected as the most suitable mixers to do so.

By benefiting from HIPERCO partners’ expertise in metal and nanoparticle handling, specific additive equipments have been used to manage :

Aluminum powder reactivity with their environment (water, heat…)

Nanoparticles potential flowing

Exothermic mixing

The right mixing parameters have been defined to get a stable and homogeneous mixture on a large-scale batch manufacturing process.

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