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Cold spraying principle

Cold spraying is a coating and additive manufacturing technology based on high-speed impacts of micrometric particles on a substrate. Fine powder are injected into an inert gas flow and accelerated at high velocities. The coating or the massive 3D part is built through the intensive plastic deformation of the sprayed particles when they reached the substrate. The particles’ temperature stay lower than their melting point which allow to avoid undesirable reactions. It is believed that the particles remain in their solid-state during the whole process, without being molten or semi-molten.

Cold spray is considered as an innovative technology, safe and green with the absence of high temperature gas, radiation or gases emission.

Yin, S. et al., Cold spray additive manufacturing and repair: Fundamentals and applications, Additive manufacturing Elsevier, No. 21, 628-650 (2018)


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